A team

satu kelemahan aku setiap kali nak tulis entry ialah aku tak reti nak letak tajuk entry..

pelik kn ??

let me start my story ..

and this story will be remain in my memory,,inshaallah.

on 22nd of march ..i was going to KGV for participating in public speaking competition. its quite difficult for me because i was the first timer. i got really nervous at cann't be describe by the word..oh no!

only ALLAH knew what was in my heart.

i din't won that competition expected ...hehhehe..

but there's something happen that made me really appreciate all my friends.

they worked together to help me...


most of them tried their best to deliver their point to me because i was stuck and blackout at the stage..


their effort made my day and its worked!


thank you my friends

and thinking of this matter make me realize that actually we can work together ..

and it is not difficult..

but it need some effort and tolerate  from all of us,,

i really hope in reality we can be a team..

i repeated A TEAM not teams..

yay! sometimes there are a lot of misunderstanding and a lot of arguing among us..but it can be solve if we can be more mature and accept difference...and i really hope that...
xnk letak gmba satu kelas.. budak berempat nie jerr yg bertuah .. gamba masuk blog...

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